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2018 Annual General Membership Meeting
Minutes and Pictures from the Meeting to be added later

The 2018 Annual General Membership Meeting of the Gwinnett Senior Softball, Inc. (GSS) league was held on Saturday, December 1, at the Gwinnett County Senior Center located at Bethesda Park. The Senior Center opened at 9:00 a.m. The meeting began at 9:35 a.m. and ended at 12:15 p.m.. Breakfast snacks and coffee were served.

Members were asked to make every effort to attend the meeting so the Board of Directors could have an opportunity to listen first hand to their concerns and thereby be better informed and able to proceed with decisions impacting league play based on the consensus of members in attendance. In accordance with the association's by-laws, a quorum was needed (20% of the eligible membership) for the election of officers. 78 members attended the meeting - quorum was met (35% of the eligible active paying membership - 224).

Special thanks to the following individuals for helping to make the Annual Meeting a success!!

  • Kerri O'Kelly, Bethesda Senior Center - Meeting room, microphone, screen, podium, coffee.
  • Board Members - Breakfast snacks and Set Up
  • Jim Hannah / Harry Harrison – Loaning Projector / Set up Projector
  • Kathy Walker - Pictures
  • Jose Pena – Donated an original work of art featuring American League players for auction with 75% going to Hurricane Michael relief.
  • Jose Pena - Donated 2 additional works of art for door prizes.
  • Eurskine Lyons – Donated Miken Freak Bat
  • Emmitt Pharr – Donated Combat Bat
  • Clyde Sirman – 2 Free Rounds of Golf / Discount Cards for Golf at Country Club of Gwinnett
  • Larry Ellison - Donated $50 Home Depot Gift Certificate
  • Dallas Howard - League Mailings
  • Gwinnett Stripers – Autographed Baseball – Atlanta Braves Mike Foltenevitz.
  • All the individuals who came early and helped in setting up.

Topics Discussed at the Meeting

  • Old/Unfinished Business - 2017 Meeting Minutes - approved by members present
  • Special Guest – Emily McArthur - Gwinnett Stripers - League Night Out – Friday, May 10, 2019
  • 2018 Season
    • Mike Grobman, Treasurer, was out of town. Bob Morrison presented the financial statement - approved by members present. Any questions about the 2018 report can be directed to Mike via phone or email.
    • New League Web Site to be rolled out in 2019 - John Gordon did a presentation showing functionality of the new web site.
    • Membership Update - Membership (active paying members) increased overall 2.2% with a 12.5% increase in the 45-59 age group. Membership statistics were available for members at the meeting.
    • First and Second Half League Results and Tournament Team results were available for members at the meeting.
    • Recognition of League Commissioners, Team Managers, and individuals who have helped out during the year.
    • Recognition of Team Sponsors and Umpires
  • In Memoriam – First time the league has not heard of any deaths in year.
  • Jim Smith Sportsmanship Award – Gene Mayhue
    • Members were asked to submit nominations of players who they felt were deserving of the award.
    • This year we received several nominations and all were deserving but we could only have one winner.
    • Harvey read the 2 nominating statements from Tommy Wiggins and Bill Cook.
    • A $25 donation in Jim Smith’s name will be made to the American Cancer Society.
  • Election of Officers for 2019
    • President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected positions voted on by members. Officer term is 1 year.
    • Two League Commissioners nominated by President and approved by the Board – Term up to 4 years.
    • Three At Large Members appointed by President and approved by the Board – Term up to 4 years. At Large Members serve as an Advisory Council and will step into a mandatory position to continue operation of league.
    • Bob Morrison, Floyd Dembo, Mike Grobman and Doris Warpole agreed to be re-nominated for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.
    • Officers were elected to their respective positions - approved by members present.
  • 2019 Season
    • Shirts – League is looking at a dri-fit/cotton blend vs dri-fit to lower cost for shirts. Final decision on league fees and shirts will be made at the January Board Meeting.
    • Field Availability - Softball field (Mon-Thurs); Baseball field (Tues/Wed/Thurs); Practices - Mon and Sat (additional week day may be added through March)
    • Gwinnett County maintenance during off season
      • Reassess the drainage problem on both fields, reapply Turface mixture
      • Check left field lights on the softball field
      • Follow up on a safety net on the softball field from LF to LC
      • Increase size of warning track on softball field
    • Out of County Resident Fee – No increase - remains at $90 per OCC resident
    • Light Fees - No increase in per hour per field fee – remains at $9 per hour
    • League Play - 2-3 week break between seasons (depending on weather)
    • One Pitch Annual Memorial Tournament in late September
  • Break Out Discussion Sessions - American League and National League
    • Suggestions from members were discussed and results recorded
    • Consensus of members will be presented to Board in January to prepare for 2019 season.
  • General Information
    • Gwinnett Senior Golden Games - March 27 to May 7, 2019
    • Door prizes were given out during the meeting and included 6 top prizes:
      • $100 gift certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods
      • $50 Home Depot gift card donated by Larry Ellison
      • Freak bat donated by Eurskine Lyons
      • Combat bat donated by Emmitt Pharr
      • 2 works of art donated by Jose Pena
      • Chris Bolden’s bid of $300 won the Jose Pena Original Work of League Art.
        • There was a “bidding war” between Chris Bolden and Clif Parker during the meeting.
        • Jose said he will create another original work of art featuring National League players next year.

Members can contact a member of the Board of Directors if they have any questions about the topic to be addressed at the meeting.

2018 Annual Meeting

Gene Mayhue - Jim Smith Sportsmanship Award

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