2012 Memorial Tournament
Saturday, April 7 - Bethesda Park

Age Division


Total Runs Scored

Atlanta Recycling - 57
Tom Jumper Chevrolet - 61
Longshots - 60
Gwinnett 50's - 47


FMSI 3 - 1
GA/AL Masters 3 - 1
Gwinnett 60's 0 - 4

FMSI - 67
GA/AL Masters - 65
Gwinnett 60's - 22

Classics - 48
Nuggets - 35
Hendersonville - 41
Brooks Classics - 32

Thanks to all of the teams and players that came out and played in the Memorial Tournament. We had 11 teams participate with players from GA, NC, AL, and SC (50, 60 and 70 Divisions). The Gwinnett Senior Softball Executive Committee appreciates everyone’s support of the tournament honoring league players and spouses that have passed away.

The tournament started at 8:45 a.m. with Ron King, League President, welcoming everyone. Bert McDade, Vice President, gave the opening prayer. Ron read the names of the players and spouses who have passed away with the league recognizing the spouses present with a gift card. Bert read the Les Boswell prayer.

When Elaine Bearden, wife of Ray, came up, Doris mentioned that one of the players in the Tuesday/Thursday league had paid for a team sponsorship in Ray’s honor. Doris presented Elaine with one of the League Team Shirts (In Memory of Ray Bearden).

When Joe Stevens and Jim Messer came up (husband of Vivian and Connie), Doris recognized both as being the first managers in the league to select women to play on their teams.

Florence Kramer, wife of Tom Kramer who played in the Monday/Wednesday League, donated $250 in Tom's name to league. Thank you Florence for your generous donation.

Play started at 9:30 a.m. We were able to finish all games by 5:45 p.m.

  • This was the first year we had the 50 Division in the tournament - HR Sluggers. We had 2 tournament teams and 1 league team made up primarily of players from our Monday/Wednesday league, plus Atlanta Recycling from Cobb County, who won the division 3-0. Even though there were a lot of home runs hit, the games were close and there were some unbelievable defensive plays. We will definitely have these “young kids” back next year!!
  • The 60 teams got a bonus of a fourth game since they only had 3 teams in their division. Needless to say, they were pretty tired by the end of the day. It was back and forth between GA/AL Masters and FMSI who would win the division and it came down to most runs scored.
  • The 70 Division had 2 teams from outside Atlanta – Brooks Classics from Montgomery, AL and Hendersonville from NC. We need to make sure they come back next year – great group of players. Overall, this was the most evenly balanced division – all games but 1 were won by 1 to 3 runs.

I think everyone would agree – it was a great tournament. The weather was beautiful - nice cool breeze in the morning and only got up to 75 throughout the day. Plus there were family and friends out there cheering for their favorite teams.

THANKS to the following individuals who helped make the tournament a success this year! If I missed anyone that helped out, I apologize up front for not remembering. Just let me know so I can add you to the list to be recognized.

SPECIAL THANKS to CHARLIE BLACKBURN!! Charlie donated his time to be Field Manager for the day. He got the keys for the fields, made sure the scoreboards and lights were operating and stayed around to the end to lock up.

  • Howard Wilcox, Ed Davis and Bill Grimes for recruiting the teams that participated this year.
  • Kathy Walker handled team registration and made sure we had all the team waivers and fees paid before the teams got on the fields. Kathy also helped out in taking pictures and picking up trash at the end.
  • Ed Brown (60 Division) and Chuck Williams (50 Division) managed the Gwinnett Senior Softball League teams.
  • Tena Stanfield bought the donuts and attached the cups in the dugouts. Tena also helped take pictures and picking up trash at the end.
  • David Ernst bought the ice for the water coolers.
  • Frankie Baldwin brought the gift cards and gave out to the players/spouses that attended in memory of their loved ones.
  • Larry Milleville brought the League First Aid Kit and Defibilitator from Best Friend.
  • Bill Grimes brought the softballs and the home plates/extra mats from Best Friend.
  • Wayne Griffin brought the 2 Pitcher's Screens from Best Friend.
  • Jim Hannah and Naomi Harrison donated their time by taking pictures.
  • Harvey Schulman, Wayne Griffin, Steven Williams, Jim Gomez, Gregg Macauley, and several other players from the Monday/Wednesday league helped out with the ice and getting the water coolers to the dugouts.
  • Harry Harrison, Rick Epstein, and Parker Risley loaned us their water coolers.
  • Bruce Caldwell (60 Division), Ed Brown Jr, (70 Division) and Josh Caldwell (50 Division) did a great job umpiring all the games.
  • Kelly Clark’s team operated the concession stand for us - not only did they have great food at reasonable prices; he also provided free coffee in the morning.
  • Gwinnett Parks and Recreation lined the fields for us.


2011 Memorial Tournament

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