2013 Players Memorial Tournament
Saturday, March 30 - Bethesda Park
Opening Ceremony

Age Division


Total Runs Scored

Bainbridge Pole Cats - 67
Atlanta Recycling - 55
Longshots - 30
Miken Monarchs - 53


GA/AL Masters 3 - 1
FMSI 2 - 2
Extreme Heat 1 -2

GA/AL Masters - 106
FMSI - 58
Extreme Heat - 47

Thanks to all of the teams and players that came out and played in the Memorial Tournament. We had 7 teams participate with players from GA, NC, AL, and SC (50/55 and 60/65 Divisions). The Gwinnett Senior Softball Executive Committee appreciates everyone’s support of the tournament honoring league players and spouses that have passed away.

We would like to make sure we get 12 teams next year to utilize all 3 fields at Bethesda. We generally have the tournament on Easter weekend and we get pretty good participation. But with Easter being earlier this year, we lost out on some of the teams that have been playing with us for the last couple of years. Next year - everyone needs to recruit teams!!

The tournament started at 8:45 a.m. with Ron King, League President, welcoming everyone. Bert McDade gave the opening prayer. Ron read the names of the players who passed away; Bob Morrison, Vice President read the names of the spouses who have passed away. The league recognized the players/spouses present with a gift card. Harvey Schulman read the Les Boswell prayer.

Play started at 9:15 a.m. We were able to finish all games by 6:05 p.m.

  • This year we had 50/55 teams playing in the tournament - Home Runs right and left - 36 overall!! Some of the softballs were hit so deep that no one ever found them. Overall the games were pretty close but we had 2 high scoring games - 26 to 20 and 27 to 23. The best part of watching these guys play is the unbelievable defensive plays - rolling catches in the outfield and double plays.
  • The 60/65 teams got a bonus of a fourth game since they only had 3 teams in their division. Plus their games were 90 minutes long. Needless to say, they were pretty tired by the end of the day. It was down to GA/AL Masters and FMSI who would win the division - GA/AL beat FMSI in the final play off game 28 to 20. GA/AL scored the most runs of any teams who have ever played in the Tournament - 106 runs.

I think everyone would agree – it was a great tournament. The weather was beautiful - only started to sprinkle right after the last game. Plus there were family and friends out there cheering for their favorite teams.

THANKS to the following individuals who helped make the tournament a success this year! If I missed anyone that helped out, I apologize up front for not remembering. Just let me know so I can add you to the list to be recognized.

SPECIAL THANKS to CHARLIE BLACKBURN!! Charlie donated his time to be Field Manager for the day. He got the keys for the fields, made sure the scoreboards and lights were operating and stayed around to the end to lock up. He also kept score for the 60/65 Division all day.

  • Howard Wilcox and Bill Grimes for recruiting the teams that participated this year and bring the softballs for each division.
  • Kathy Walker handled team registration and made sure we had all the team waivers and fees paid before the teams got on the fields. Kathy also helped out in taking pictures and picking up trash at the end.
  • Tena Stanfield brought the donuts and attached the cups in the dugouts. Tena also helped take pictures and picking up trash at the end.
  • Bill Grimes brought the ice for the water coolers.
  • Doris Warpole brought the gift cards and gave out to the players/spouses that attended in memory of their loved ones.
  • Dean Eklund brought the home plates/extra mats from Best Friend.
  • Tom Pressley kept score for the 50/55 Division all day.
  • Howard Wilcox and Wayne Griffin brought the 2 Pitcher's Screens from Best Friend.
  • Jim Hannah donated his time by taking pictures.
  • Tom Presley, Harvey Schulman, Jim Gomez, and several other players from the American League helped out with the ice and getting the water coolers to the dugouts.
  • Bruce Caldwell (50/55 Division) and Ed Brown Jr, (60/65 Division) did a great job umpiring all the games.
  • Luis and Maria Maiochi operated the concession stand for us - not only did they have great food at reasonable prices; but they provided free coffee until the games started.
  • Stacy Register for reserving the fields.
  • Gwinnett Parks and Recreation for lining the fields for us.


2012 Memorial Tournament

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Opening Ceremony


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50/55 Teams and Tournament Play

Bainbridge Polecats


Atlanta Recycling



Miken Monarchs

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60/65 Teams and Tournament Play

GA/AL Masters




Extreme Heat

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