2015 Players Memorial Tournament
Saturday, May 9 - Best Friend Park
(Pictures now online)


Total Runs Scored

Monarchs 3 - 1
Laney / Griffin 2 - 2
Team Augusta 2 -2
Atlanta Recycling 1 - 2
Stars and Stripes 1 - 2
(Daryel Monson hit a grand slam home run in 1 game!!)

Monarchs - 78
Laney / Griffin - 83
Team Augusta - 77
Atlanta Recycling - 54
Stars and Stripes - 50


Extreme Heat 2 - 0
Lake Keowee SC 1 - 1
Gwinnett 65 0 - 2

Extreme Heat - 30
Lake Keowee SC - 26
Gwinnett 65 - 30

Thanks to all of the teams and players that came out and played in the Memorial Tournament. We had 8 teams participating with players from GA, NC, AL, FL, and SC. The Gwinnett Senior Softball Executive Committee appreciates everyone’s support of the tournament honoring league players and spouses that have passed away.

The tournament started at 8:45 a.m. with Bob Morrison, League President, welcoming everyone. Bert McDade gave the opening prayer. Bob read the names of the players and spouses who passed away. Ben Wiechman, Vice President, recognized the players/spouses present with a gift card. Bert McDade read the Softball Player prayer.

Due to a sudden rain storm early in the morning, the 3 Bethesda fields were under water and not playable. Ron Petre, American League Commissioner, Bill Grimes, National League Commissioner, and Stacy Fowler, Gwinnett County Parks, made the decision to move the tournament over to the League’s home field of Best Friend Park. Unfortunately that meant no concession stand for the players and only 2 fields to play on.

Ron and Bill had to make quick decisions on which teams played on which field and the start times. Needless the say the original schedule was out the window. But all the teams understood the situation, and we were able to get almost all of the games played.

Play got started at 10:30 a.m. and finished up at 7:15 p.m. I think everyone would agree – it was not what we had planned but everyone got to play at least 2 games (National league) and 3 games (American league). The weather was beautiful, and there were family and friends out there cheering for their favorite teams.

THANKS to the following individuals who helped make the tournament a success this year! If I missed anyone that helped out, I apologize up front for not remembering. Just let me know so I can add you to the list to be recognized.

SPECIAL THANKS to Stacy Fowler, Gwinnett Parks!! Stacy reserved the fields for us, provided the PA system, and had the fields lined. He also offered to have his staff stay at Bethesda to work on 2 of the fields so we could have the 5 teams in the American League play at Bethesda. But the teams opted to stay at Best Friend for the day.

  • Ron Petre and Bill Grimes for recruiting the teams that participated this year and bringing the softballs for each division.
  • Kathy Walker and Harry Harrison handled team registration and made sure we had all the team waivers and fees paid before the teams got on the fields.
  • Tena Stanfield brought donuts, attached the cups in the dugouts, and bought snacks for sale to players.
  • Bill Grimes brought the ice for the water coolers. Several players (Ed Davis, David Ernst, Phil Ogan, and others) helped fill the water coolers and put in the dugouts.
  • Harry Harrison, Emmett Vollenweider and Tom Pressley for keeping score.
  • Ben Wiechman brought the Pitcher's Screens and Masks.
  • Jim Hannah brought the home plates and extra mats and took pictures during the day.
  • Ed Brown Jr., Jim Lowndes, and Tony Taylor did a great job umpiring all the games.
  • Ron Petre, Jim Hannah, and Kathy Walker for staying to the end and helping to clean up the dugouts and lock the fields.


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Opening Ceremony


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American Division Teams and Tournament Play


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Laney / Griffin

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Team Augusta

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Stars and Stripes

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National Teams and Tournament Play

League 65

Lake Keowee, SC

Extreme Heat

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